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PM013 – Jaap Blonk – Mixed from Heaven LP

**Edition of 300 housed in offset printed sleeves with artwork by Trevor Renwick** The pieces on "Mixed from Heaven" are loose remixes of Jaap Blonk's very first series of short sound poems: "Liederen uit de Hemel" ("Songs from Heaven," 1985-87). These were published as part of a book/CD with the same title in 1993, now long out of print.The original titles, in the order of their 'disguised' appearance on this LP, were:Angels (melody by Albert Ayler), Electroshock Boogie, Pierikjaure, De Minister I, Schrorr Blorr Grammat, Là où ça sent la merde, Lili (mit der Schokolade zwischen d'Beine), De Minister II.
All titles composed by Jaap Blonk (Buma/Stemra)
Recorded in Arnhem, Netherlands, 2013 (except "Mixed Angels" and "Schrorr Blorr Machine," recorded in 2002)
Produced by Jaap Blonk
Cover collage by Trevor Renwick   /  Layout by Dane Patterson / Original photos by Arthur Nieuwenhuijs, 1987

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PM012 – Andrew Pekler – Extempo Ra 7”

"**Edition of 300 housed in offset printed sleeves with artwork by Dane Patterson** Andrew Pekler makes his first recorded appearance since 'Sentimental Favourites' for Dekorder with these two dippy radiophonic charms for Plant Migration. Much like his sometime bandmate in Groupshow, Jan Jelinek, your Berlin-based protagonist has a canny knack for making the cutest modular melodies, as evidenced on the flowering bleeps and dusted machine pulses of 'Ex Tempo Ra'. Whereas 'Encounter In The Resonant Void' is more isolated, spacewise, drifting out on sparse, trickling martian melodies amongst clouds of fuzzy analog space dust to curiously remind of Giuseppe Ielasi's Bellows project. Maybe it's no wonder he did the mastering then… tipped!" -

PM011 – Rust Worship – Your Dross, My Sustenance 7”

"**Edition of 300 housed in offset printed sleeves with artwork by Ultra Eczema's Dennis Tyfus** Brooklyn's Rust Worship makes his first vinyl release with a maddening piece of plunderphonic f**kery and blistered guitar noise for Plant Migration. We say maddening because as any vinyl fiend will know, the sound of a needle scraped transverse to the groove is one of the most tormenting sounds we can imagine, and for the whole A-side of 'Your Dross, My Sustenance' Paul Haney aka Rust Worship does just that, and turns us to crippled wrecks in the process, but in the best way! B-side he flips the script for a banking wall of distortion, sounding closer to older Prurient or John Wiese than the flipside's five-year-old-with-dad's-turntable." -

PM010 – Ekoplekz – Mildew Riddims

**Edition of 100 housed in offset printed sleeves with artwork by Dane Patterson** “The ferric miscreant known as Ekoplekz sucks us into his smouldering matrix of boxes and FX units on the 'Mildew Riddims' session for Plant Migration. It's definitely one of his gnarlier emissions, locked into a nightmarish cyber-dub-punk zone where concrete sounds are liable to melt and metallic timbres are turned to powder and huffed up by hungry machinery. The adventurous spirit of the radiophonic pioneers is matched with a certain early rave delirium and used to blindly guide us through labyrinthine corridors of strobing noise to those back room sounds where the freaks congregate and chew lips over infernal feedback loops and perilous black holes of infinite delay and eko where it's quite possible your mind will depart you, never to return again. Well, for the next 40 minutes at least. Limited copies only!” –

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Plant Migration Records is very pleased to announce its first publication: Itinerary. This art zine, edited by Dane Patterson, features the artwork of seventeen contemporary visual artists: Christie Blizard, Olaf Breuning, Ben Bunch, David Denosowicz, Jennifer Dohne, Jonathan Hartshorn, Jóhannes Atli Hinriksson, Andrea Longacre-White, Chad Mitchner, Nicholas Parisi, Chloe Piene, David Prince, Trevor Renwick, Amanda Ross-Ho, Jasper Sebastian Stürup, Dennis Tyfus, and Claudia Weber.
Patterson invited these seventeen artists to contribute three pages to the un-themed zine, and he found that their diverse contributions pointed to sometimes surprising, often felicitous connections. Each artist has his or her own spread of two pages, and, with a couple of exceptions, they each share a spread with another artist. Itinerary showcases the work of these very talented artists and highlights their visual and conceptual links.
Itinerary is a softcover, perfect bound book.

This first edition of 270 copies has 53 color offset pages, and it measures 5.25x8.25 inches. Itinerary was printed by 1984 Printing in Oakland, California.
Itinerary is available now, and it can be purchased directly from the Plant Migration website for $10 + shipping and handling.

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Cindy Cindy - Stay (Official Video) from GuyManly on Vimeo.

PM008 - Cindy Cindy - There are 1000 more stars than we knew - 7"

"**Edition of 300 with wrap-around artwork by the artist** Cynthia Daignault is CindyCindy, an artist-cum-writer-cum-musician with a neat line in crystalline pop oddities. This 7" was released on the occasion of her solo show at White Columns gallery in 2011 and only now reaches us proles here on the shop floor. There's hints of NNF's Psychic Reality and Maria Minerva to her dream like pops, but they're also more tender, downbeat and prone to veer off course at any given moment."

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PM014 - Matthew Caron - Fyne, with a touch of terror and scattered howlers

**Edition of 50 Full Color zines. Matthew Caron aka Your Friend Matthew is a video and installation artist who lives and works in Brooklyn. His style is a fusion of first-hand documentary elements with live camera feedback, improvisation with light and musical elements, frequently characterized by the use of inexpensive or busted gear and long-term collaborative projects with Mishka NYC, Long Distance Poison, RAFT, Fast Food Music Video, Rebecca Gaffney and Australian psych pop duo Gypsy & The Cat.

This zine is a collection of images from his solo show at helper projects in Brooklyn curated by Plant Migration Records.

DEAL #1:

Space/Size Limitations Bundle- 3 x cassettes, 2 x 7" records, 1 LP, and 1 Book. $30

Includes: PM013 Jaap Blonk, PM015 Eliza and Parry, PM016 Mads Emil Nielsen, PM017 horsethrower. 1 copy of Itinerary.

Deal #2:

NEW BATCH Discount Bundle- 3 cassettes. PM015 Eliza and Parry, PM016 Mads Emil Nielsen, PM017 horsethrower. $15

- Plant Migration Records -

PM017 - horsethrower C30

Recorded in 2005 at a practice space in the Chelsea, Manhattan. Performed by Johannes Atli Hinnrikson, Nicholas Parisi, Dane Patterson, and Trevor Renwick. There was paranoia, feedback, a drumset and trash. Lots of trash. This is improvised music for some strange intoxicated rite of passage. Terrible things are happening everywhere. Artwork by Dane Patterson -edition of 50 -Pro duplicated, imprinted and sealed.

PM016 - Mads Emil Nielsen

Mads Emil Nielsen lives and works in Copenhagen. The four pieces on this release are based on short orchestral and percussive samples which are run through various synth modules / effects.

Variations are created by emphasizing different frequencies, harmonics, sections of short loops
and the various surprises that come from the idiosyncrasies of each machine.

Recorded in Copenhagen, 2013. Artwork by Dane Patterson. Mastered by August Wanngren.

PM015 - Eliza and Parry - C.B. - 2014
Eliza and Parry is photocopied fever dream music, a sickness transmit through broken shortwave broadcasts. Between the soundings of early Anne Gillis and the desperate vocals of Lindsay Cooper in the Henry Cow years, this is the music of the liminal space of lovers.

-Cammisa Buerhaus, 2014

Artwork by Dane Patterson -edition of 50 -Pro duplicated, imprinted and sealed.

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